We are looking to visit churches to share about the work of Liverpool Youth for Christ.

We are one of 70 Youth for Christ Centres in the UK, with each centre having their own specific focus; running with staff, volunteers and Trustees. Each centre has the challenge of┬ácommunicating their heart and values, raising the profile of their work and seeking support through prayer, practical help and finance, We would love to visit your church with a short presentation on Liverpool Youth for Christ. This could be 5-10mins as part of your existing service. We don’t visit churches with a lengthy ask for finance, but we will include ways in which people can support us, should they feel that’s something they would like to do.

We understand churches have dedicated programmes and focuses throughout the year, and so we do appreciate that a visit from Liverpool Youth for Christ may not suit where you’re at right now. If however, you think that this would be a good thing for your church to be part of, we would love to talk more.

Thank you for all you do in your church and for our city. Keep going!

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